Advertiser: Mattel, Inc.

Related Platform: Intellivision

Related Games: Space Spartans (Intellivision), Lock ‘N’ Chase (Intellivision), Night Stalker (Intellivision)

Related Add-on: IntelliVoice


Advertiser: Ultravision, Inc.

Related Games: Condor Attack (Atari 2600), Karate (Atari 2600), Quest for the Idol (Atari 2600), Spider Kong (Atari 2600)

UMI games (for the fun of VIC)

Advertiser: Advertiser: United Microware Industries, Inc.

Related Games: Meteor Run (VIC-20), Amok (VIC-20), Satellites & Meterorites (VIC-20), Renaissance (VIC-20)

Riddle of the Sphinx

Advertiser: Imagic

Related Game: Riddle of the Sphinx (Atari 2600)

Video Review magazine

Advertiser: Video Review

Orb It!

Advertiser: Telesys

Related Game: Cosmic Creeps (Atari 2600)

Stick It!

Advertiser: Telesys

Related Games: Fast Food (Atari 2600), Coco Nuts (Atari 2600), Cosmic Creeps (Atari 2600)


Advertiser: Atari, Inc.

Related Games: EarthWorld (Atari 2600), FireWorld (Atari 2600), WaterWorld (Atari 2600), AirWorld (Atari 2600)

Data Age Album

Advertiser: Data Age, Inc.

Related Games: Warplock (Atari 2600), Airlock (Atari 2600), Encounter at L-5 (Atari 2600), Sssnake (Atari 2600), Bugs (Atari 2600)

Play For Real

Advertiser: THORN EMI Video Programming Enterprises, Inc.

Related Games: Submarine Commander (Atari 400/800, VIC-20), Jumbo Jet Pilot (Atari 400/800, VIC-20) (Archivist Note: at least two additional games have screenshots but are not identified in the text. This may be corrected in the future given sufficient evidence.)


Advertiser: Coleco Industries

Related Platform: ColecoVision

Related Games: Donkey Kong (ColecoVision), Turbo (ColecoVision), Zaxxon (ColecoVision), Cosmic Avenger (ColecoVision), Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel’s Castle (ColecoVision)

Related Add-ons: Expansion Module #1, Expansion Module #3


Advertiser: General Consumer Electronics, Inc.

Related Platforms: Coin-ops, Vectrex, Atari 2600, Intellivision

Related Games: Mine Storm (Vectrex), Berzerk (Coin-op, Vectrex), Scramble (Coin-op, Vectrex), Rip Off (Coin-op, Vectrex), Armor Attack (Coin-op, Vectrex), Clean Sweep (Vectrex), HyperChase (Vectrex), Cosmic Chasm (Vectrex)

U.S. Games News

Advertiser: U.S. Games Corp.

Related Games: Space Jockey (Atari 2600), Commando Raid (Atari 2600), Word Zapper (Atari 2600), Towering Inferno (Atari 2600), Sneak ‘N Peek (Atari 2600)

Electronic Fun with Computers & Games magazine

Advertiser: Electronic Fun with Computers & Games

Electronic Fun with Computers & Games magazine

Advertiser: Electronic Fun with Computers & Games

The Menu

Advertiser: Video Take-Out

Starfighter (The Ultimate Joystick)

Advertiser: Suncom Incorporated

Wanted! (Used Video Game Cartridges)

Advertiser: Forest Hills Used Video Game Cartridges

Related Platform: Atari 2600 (Console)


Advertiser: Various

Related Platforms: Atari 2600 (Console), ColecoVision (Console), Intellivision (Console), Odyssey² (Console)

Joy Stick Grips

Advertiser: M.J.R. Co.

Get Rich in Video

Advertiser: Not provided

Are You Up To The Challenge?

Advertiser: CBS, Inc.

Related Games: Gorf (Atari 2600), Wizard of Wor (Atari 2600)

The Controller

Advertiser: Jenco Home Entertainment Center

Related Platform: Intellivision (Console)


Advertiser: C & T Creations

Related Platform: Intellivision (Console)


Advertiser: Diaco Sales

The Empire Strikes Back

Advertiser: Parker Brothers

Related Game: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Atari 2600)

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