Lock ‘N’ Chase

Lock ‘N’ Chase

Atari 2600

Gameplay footage provided by Videogame Nation.

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Lock'n'Chase arcade video game by Data East Corp. (1981)
Get information, images and history of the Data East Corp. 1981 arcade video game: Lock'n'Chase.

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The DECO Cassette System was introduced in December 1980 by Data East. It was the first standardised arcade system that allowed arcade owners to change games.

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Lock 'N' Chase is the Atari version of the Intellivision Lock 'N' Chase cartridge. A PAL version was also produced by APh for international release.

AtariAge - Atari 2600 - Lock 'N' Chase (M Network)
System: Atari 2600 Company: M Network Model #: MT5663 Year of Release: n/a Media Type: Cartridge Number of Players: 1 - 2 Controller: Atari Joystick Staff: Bruce Pedersen (Programmer)

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Lock 'N' Chase was the first in a series of conversions based on Data East arcade games, a series that eventually would include Bump 'N' Jump, BurgerTime, Mission X, Thin Ice (based on the arcade game Disco No. 1) and the unfinished PizzaTime (a BurgerTime sequel). The association carried over to INTV Corporation, which did Commando and Diner (another BurgerTime sequel).

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I didn’t even know that Lock ‘N’ Chase was an arcade game. I just thought the Intellivision guys had come up with a clever Pacman-like game since they couldn’t …