Letters to the Editors


In your first issue, you printed a photo of James Bond in the “Games Go Hollywood” article, but there was no mention anywhere of a James Bond game. Why did you print that picture?

Bert Hallgren
Orlando, Florida

As we went to press, Parker Brothers was planning to release a game, James Bond 007, in which you would be chased by crooks in cars, boats and airplanes. Unfortunately, the licensing agreement has fallen through and 007 will not hit the home game scene in the near future.


I bought your first issue and enjoyed it very much. Can you give me a list of articles you’re going to run in the next six months before I subscribe?

Bill Anderson
Newark, New Jersey

Sorry, no. We have a complete list of things we intend to do, but the video game/computer field is moving so fast right now, we can barely keep up with what’s happening. Frequently, a new product or game will come out and we will have to bump a prepared article out of the issue to keep you up to date with fast-breaking developments.


Do you people realize that you devoted only one page (ScreenPlays) in the November issue to arcade games? Coin-ops are the lifeblood of video gaming. Shame on you!

Paul Dolimer
Roslyn, N.Y.

We repent! You’re right. We love coin-ops as much as anybody. In this issue and from now on, you’ll be seeing more arcade action.


My favorite part of your magazine is Hits and Missiles, because when I’m paying $20 or $30 for a game cartridge, I want to know it’s a good one. I was wondering, what made you choose those particular games to review?

Andrea Best
Austin, Texas

First, we try to review at least one game by every company that makes games. Second, we try to give an even balance of space games, adventure games and computer games. Third, if there is a game we particularly like or think you will be interested in, we’ll try to include it. Fourth, we try to give you reviews of the newest games. There’s only a limited number of games we can review each month, but we’ll try to give you as much information as we can. if there’s a game you want to know about, let us know.


I find it inconceivable that a magazine that considers itself more sophisticated than those other video game magazines would devote an article in their first issue to a Saturday-morning cartoon series. It is out of sync with the rest of your magazine, and Pac-Man, much less the voice of Pac-Man. is trivial, infantile and old news.

Jonathan Cohen
Troy, New York

We’re sorry if you thought the story on Pac-Man was juvenile but; as tired as we can all become of any hit game, Pac-Mania is a phenomenon that consumes as many as two million quarters a week. We try to keep you informed of all the developments in the video games field and this, even if it wasn’t your favorite, was one of them.


I just wanted to congratulate you on the first issue of your fine magazine. While all the other video game magazines read like advertisements for video games and the companies that make them, you tell it like it is. Keep up the good work!

Walter Gravagna,Jr.
Mineola, New York

Thanks for the encouragement. We’re excited about our first issue, too and we’ll continue to do our best.

Write to us! We can’t promise that we’ll answer every letter, but we will read them all. We welcome your comments. advice and questions. Send your letters to: Electronic Fun, 350 E. 81st. St., New York, NY 10028

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