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Jousting With Alien Rubik’s Cubes


Video Game Case/$75

A true video game fanatic can’t go anywhere without taking his system with him. But who wants to lug all those joysticks and wires and cartridges around loose? Southern Case Inc. now makes a handy suitcase so you can hit the road with your games.

The case not only stores your Atari or Intellivision console, but also stores joysticks, paddle controls, television connectors, power supply and cartridges. The Atari format holds 12 cartridges and the Intellivision holds 20. That should keep you occupied for a few long weekends away from home.

Southern Case Inc., TravelMaster Division, P.O. Box 28147,
Raleigh, NC 27611.


Videogame Paraphernalia

Police officers and firemen wear uniforms. Why not video game players? If you want to show people what you’re into, get into these new T-shirts from Video Babies. They come in all adult and children’s sizes and are 50% cotton and 50% polyester. They have silk-screened designs of Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man and TRON, each for $6.95.

Video Babies also sells jerseys ($7.95), baseball caps ($5.95), bumper stickers ($1.50) and Atari cartridges ($28.95). Write to them for details.

Video Babies, Inc.,
145 Country Ridge Dr.,
Port Chester, NY 10573.


Starfighter Joystick/$16.95

Glued to the tube because you’re working on improving your score? If so, there’s a good chance you go through joysticks like a Ginsu through tin cans.

No matter how well it’s made, a plastic joystick is going to break if you play it hard enough. Suncom’s new Starfighter, “The Ultimate Joystick,” is made primarily of casehardened and stainless steel components and comes with a two-year factory limited warranty. The Star fighter can be used with your Atari VCS, Sears TeleGame, Commodore computer or Atari 400 or 800 computer.

Also from Suncom comes Slik Stik, a direct replacement joystick, which lists for $9.95 and has a 90-day warranty.

Suncom Inc., 270 Holbrook Dr.,
Wheeling, IL 60090.


Arcade Game/Joust

Not long ago, Williams was just one of the major pinball companies. But with Defender, Stargate and Robotron 2084, it has shot into the forefront of video gaming. Their latest offering, Joust, introduces an innovation in arcade games. For the first time ever, two players may team up against a common enemy —the game itself. In waves four and nine you are pitted against your partner in a joust to the death. while in waves two and six the two of you collaborate to defeat the machine.

The game offers a mythological world in which you defend yourself against pterodactyls. ostriches, buzzards and eggs—a bold step from blowing away Landers and saving the last human family.

Williams Electronics,
3401 North California Ave.,
Chicago, II 60618


Color Cubes Program/$29.95

Rubik’s Cube is not dead! The old square comes to simulated life with this game made for the TRS-80 Color Computer. Color Cubes offers a vivid video representation of a scrambled 3-D cube made up of 27 smaller “cubies” in six different colors. The goal of the game is to unscramble the array with horizontal and vertical twists and turns until each face of the large cube is one solid color.

The Color Cubes program has something the real cube doesn’t—memory. The computer will record your last 255 moves and allow you to undo or redo them. This allows you to backtrack. analyze your game and make a fresh start from any point.

Color Cubes lets players compete by keeping running time on the progress of each.

Radio Shack. Tandy Corporation, 1800 One Tandy Center, Fort Worth, TX 76102.



Even if nobody can hear you scream in space, they can hear you scream in your living room. So try and hold it down when you’re playing this new Atari-compatible game from Twentieth Century-Fox Games. Alien is based on Alien, the movie—one of the most frightening films made. It is a one-player adventure/maze game designed by Dallas North. Your mission is to save the universe by avoiding the alien and destroying eggs. Just like the movie. In fact, it has everything the movie has except Sigourney Weaver. Rats!

Fox Video Games,
P.O. Box 794,
Saratoga, CA 95071

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