Eye On
Fascinating new hardware is now available, including a hand-held word processor.
E.C. Meade and Jim Clark review the latest videogames.
Focus On: Adam Bomb?
Is it possible that a cleverly conceived product could spell disaster for Coleco?
Close Up: Chuck E. Cheese
Newshound Craig Gardner discovers the naked truth of Chuck E. Cheese.
Behind the Scenes: Tragic Imagic
The rise and fall of a videogame company has all the elements of a classical tragedy.
Championship Videogaming
Arcade player’s tips are provided, and new ground is explored in Truckin’.
Arcadia: Video Valhalla.
The very worst arcade games ever released are blasted, skewered, basted and devoured.
Conquering: Cosmic Chasm
The deep-space duel is delineated for the delight of derring-doers everywhere.
Conquering: Rabbit Transit
The first “cute” Starpath game offers several unique challenges.
Chip Ahoy
New games from Sirius Software and Probe 2000 are displayed.
Educational software for young children can be found in abundance.
Print Out
Computer and videogame-related books are reviewed by E.C. Meade.
Don’t get mad…get even! Our readers are allowed a chance to gripe.
Golden Pons
So you think dreaming up a videogame title is easy? You're right!
Games for the Atari computers are reviewed by Lenny Nelson.
Supergaming: The Best and the Brightest
Our editors voice their opinions on the very best that the field has to offer.


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