Chip Ahoy

Preview of Upcoming Games

If looks could kill! At top left is the laser-eyed serpent Adam Power must battle in Power Lords, from NAP for Odyssey², Atari 2600, and ColecoVision. Other screens depict some of the 80 magic items, 140 monsters and 2500 rooms you can encounter in Lord of the Dungeon, an NAP role-playing game for ColecoVision. A round can last for weeks or even months.

Pursuit of the Pink Panther from NAP’s Probe 2000 pits Inspector Clouseau against the famed feline. The action occurs on four screens, each one with its own challenges.

Offerings from Sirius for various computers (clockwise from top left): Beer Run (lots of excitement on tap); Spider City (rescue stranded spacemen from the city’s dark tunnels); Plasmania (battle your way past microscopic nasties to reach the blood clot near your patient’s brain); Space Eggs (scramble them before they scramble you); Final Orbit (3D space battle, plus bonus pinball game); and Bandits (guard lunar base from thieves).

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