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Almost all of the articles in CGW come from active readers of the magazine. We invite your submissions of articles, art, humor, etc. CGW pays two cents per word for most copy and $30.00 per page for most artwork. Artwork for less than a page will be pro-rated.


The majority of articles in CGW will be reviews. These will fall into two categories: 1) micro-reviews of 300 to 600 words; and 2) feature reviews of about 1000-2500 words. Micro-reviews should contain the following: 1) The information which goes into the Basic Information Box (see this issue); 2) General description of the fiction/background of the game; 3) A more detailed description of the graphics, documentation, and above all the game design itself. Refer to READER INPUT DEVICE on pg. 47 to see the kinds of questions a review should answer; 4) A discussion of the strong and weak points of the game. Remember that computer garners have wide ranging tastes and a game which is “poison” to one may be “meat” to another. The strengths and weaknesses you find should be those of the game, not the game type; 5) A summary of the game which might suggest what type of computer gamer will want to buy this game and/or what type of gamer will want to pass it by; 6) If possible include a good photograph (color or b/w) of the game ($5.00 is paid if the photograph is printed). To get rid of monitor screen “phasing” in the photograph you must not use a shutter speed faster than 1/30th of a second.

A micro-review cannot cover most games in detail but can: 1) give an overview of the game to a potential purchaser; and, if appropriate, 2) suggest some strategies for playing the game well. Any game released in the last 12 months is acceptable for a micro-review.

A feature review will do everything that a micro-review does but on an expanded scale. The subject of a feature length review should be a new game (released in the last 12 months) or one that has become a “standard”. When appropriate CGW will print reviews of books, hardware, etc. as they relate to the computer gaming field.


While many reviews will contain suggestions on strategy and tactics, we also welcome articles which are primarily strategy/tactics oriented. This type of article will go into detail concerning what techniques provide high scores or help a player better attain the goal of the game. In general, clues to adventure type games should rarely be included. Where they are included they should be in slip code (i.e., shift the letters of the sentence one letter to the right or the left).


Formal and informal scenarios can be designed for some computer games. A formal scenario is one which uses the scenario designing routine of the game such as SSI’s Torpedo Fire. An informal scenario is one in which the writer makes up an alternate goal for a game with success being determined independently of the game’s stated scoring system. An example would be the Castle Wolfenstein Dash” in which a point is awarded for each room entered minus one point for each guard killed. The Operation Apocalypse Campaign Scenario in 2.2 is another example of an informal scenario.


CGW is always looking for other quality additions to our regular list of departments. If you have a column idea that you would like to submit to CGW please write or call.

Several of our regular departments are written by authors who would like to have dialog with our readers. If you have a comment or idea for their column, drop them a note. Here are those who are looking for reader input:

6215 Thorn St.,
San Diego, CA 92115
108 Broadmoor
Little Rock, AR 72204
ROUTE 80 (TRS-80)Richard McGrath
2008 Calle Miranda
Fullerton, CA 92633
Luzerne 8
Viewpoint Village
Scranton, PA 18508


CGW urges game designers to submit designer’s notes articles on their games. Contact us if you have any questions.


From time to time, CGW will print fiction related to the computer gaming field. Humor will be included on a regular basis if quality material is submitted.


Article submissions should be typed. The manuscript should be at least double-spaced and preferably triple-spaced with a one inch margin all around. Please try to avoid all-upper-case printing. For the sake of our editors, please double-check both grammar and punctuation. Be sure your name, address and phone number are typed on the first page. Include a SASE for return of unsuitable material.


All submissions become the property of Golden Empire Publications, Inc., rights revert to author upon publication or rejection. Specifically, our purchase covers first world rights.

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