This is a holding page for all of the maps in Defiance 2050. Eventually all of them will be organized and accessible with bonus features like routes and item locations. For now all of the maps extracted from the Defiance 2050 asset files are presented as reconstructed from the included tiles. The only exceptions are the maps of the visible world available when bringing up the Map in-game, and the trial variation. Some titles have been massaged for clarity, or inconsistent as I work out the conventions of this page.

One abberation is seen in “mine99” where the floors overlap in segregated areas so they are in a combined view here whereas other multi-floor maps have separate images for each. I may break that one out for the final version of this page.

Some quick stray observations: the world map is titled “minimap”, while the mini-map elements are titled “map”. Motherlode is misspelled and is only the boss chamber.