This portion of the Guide covers vehicles available to own or use in Defiance 2050. As there were a number of caveats when compiling this information please refer to the All Vehicles page for details as well as methodology.

Vehicle Classes

There are four classes of vehicles available in Defiance 2050 that are further broken down into types. The first two, Runners and Rollers, are your primary means of transport (other than on foot 😜). You receive your first Runner, the A-Tex Growler Pro Green/Black, during the early mission Sniper’s Ridge. You’ll receive two additional vehicles from story missions as well as a few from Pursuits. Both of these vehicle classes have individual Skill Levels viewable on your Stats page, and you can level up to a maximum of 20. The current bonuses are listed on the Stats page and you level up the more you drive and perform stunts.

The other two classes, Haulers and Cerebus, are special-use cases. You’ll use a T4 Titan for a number of story missions and it will be affected by your Roller skill level. The Cerebus is a combat vehicle with mountable turret from the back and missile launcher controlled by the side passenger. Cerebus appears in Shadow War, Competitive Multiplayer and the co-op map Explosions 101. While the Cerebus had its own Skill Level and ownership in the pen world in Defiance that is not currently the case in 2050.

The descriptions here are taken from Defiance as the text is suspiciously absent in 2050.


The nimblest of the vehicles in Defiance, Runners excel at off road driving. They are balanced in speed between haulers and rollers. Due to their small size, they don’t hit for as much damage or have as many hit points as either Rollers or Haulers.


Rollers are car sized vehicles that usually can carry a passenger. They are the fastest vehicles on the road, but are not as good at off-roading as Runners. They are a good balance of speed, health, and damaging capability.


Haulers are larger trucks that move slower than other vehicles, but tend to hit harder and have more hit points than their smaller counterpoints.


The Cerberus can be found on competitive multiplayer maps, and in Shadow War. It sports a main turret that can be mounted from the rear of the vehicle, and a passenger side rocket system. The main turret rotates through a full 360 degree range, but the rocket system has a limited forward firing arc.

All Vehicles

Some inconsistencies were discovered while compiling the full list of vehicles in the game. Working from the official list of “Transfer” items in addition to personally owned vehicles and those available in the Defiance Store, Faction vendors and the Pursuits list, everything didn’t line hope so nicely. Fort that reason every vehicle I could find in both Defiance and Defiance 2050 has been incorporated into this Guide. Though heavy with images this page is your one-stop-shop fpr all Vehicle-related information used in building this Guide.

Vehicle Statistics

Each vehicle in the game has stats such as speed and durability. For those interested in comparisons across vehicles and games a page of statistics has been compiled.