Mods are the “crafting” of Defiance 2050. All Base Weapons are capable of modifications to their characteristics by filling any or all of the up to five Mod Slots. These Mods not only affect capabilities but the physical appearance of the weapon as well. There are five slots available: Stock, Barrel, Magazine, Sight and Ammo. Most weapons come with one or two slots already unlocked, though some may come with all five ready to go.

When you choose Enhance Weapon from the Inventory or Loadout pages of the Character screen you can press Xbox Controller A Button to access Modify Mods. From here you can Unlock Mod Slots, Add Mods to unlocked slots or Remove Mod to retrieve a previously installed Mod and return it to your inventory. Unlocking and Removing cost a certain number of Caeruleum Cores as displayed in the confirmation dialogs.



  • Common
  • Unommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Mod Fusion

Mod Fusions are Mods that not only give the standard effects but trigger additional abilities tied to the number of appropriate Mods installed. The Mods are only given as rewards during specific events and are tied to Weapons with the same Mod Fusion. You can use Mod Fusion mods in standard Base Weapons but they will act as normal Mods.

The Mod Fusions currently in the game are: