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Dark Summit

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Dark Summit (eu 2002)

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The military has mysteriously closed the summit of Mt. Garrick and Chief O’Leary is trying desperately to drive boarders off the mountain. Do you have what it takes to explore this vast terrain and expose the conspiracy shroaded at the summit?

  • Experience the first action-adventure on the slopes
  • Complete 45 challenges & missions to reach the summit
  • Jib & grind everything on the mountain
  • Locate bomb parts & launch avalanche cannons
  • Pull off crazy detachable board tricks

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Comic Book ZIP Adobe PDF

Front Cover


Xbox Nation (XBN), Summer 2002 - XRATED


Official Xbox Magazine (OXM), December 2001


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Dark Summit

Release Dates

Finalized Date: 11/14/2001
Wikipedia Date: 11/15/2001
GameRankings Date: 11/12/2001
MetaCritic Date: 11/12/2001
XboxAddict Date: 11/15/2001
GamerResource Date: 11/12/2001
Other Date:

Other Info

MetaCritic MetaScore: 71
MetaCritic User Score:
XboxAddict System Link: No
XboxAddict 360 Backwards Compatible: -
XboxAddict Widescreen: Unknown
XboxAddict HD Support: 480p
GamerResource Developer(s):
GamerResource Publishe(s): THQ
GamerResource ESRB Rating: Teen
GamerResource ESRB Notes: Comic Mischief, Mild Violence
GamerResource Genre(s): Other Sport
GamerResource Sound Channels: 2
GamerResource Progressive Scan: No
GamerResource HDTV: No
GamerResource HDTV Features:
GamerResource Widescreen: No
GamerResource Widescreen Features:
GamerResource Local Multiplayer: Yes (2 players)
GamerResource Local Multiplayer Features:
GamerResource LAN: No
GamerResource LAN Features:
GamerResource Online: No
GamerResource Online Features:
GamerResource Other Features: Direct Memory Card Access


Radical Entertainment

Producer: Kirsten Forbes

Technical Director: Tom Legal

Art Director: Liezel Sinclair

Project Managers:
Xichi Zheng
Randy Fabi

Lead Game Designer: Pete Low

Game Designers:
Justin Sheffield
Patrick Donaghy
Jason Bone
Derek Tam

Stan Jang
Jesse Cluff
Rod Davison
Carlo Yu
Wilkin Ng
Tim Hinds
Young Tae Son
Jeremy Isaak
Ulric Wong
Ryan Ridout
Michael Anderson

Environment Design:
Ivan Mickovic
Danny Maher

Jann Mohr
Jim "The Fish" Yang
Kent Wilson
Brian Brotherston

Character Modellers:
Ian Sorensen
David Lam

Lead World Artists:
Robin Kort
Yayoi Maruno

World Artists:
Mike Spiliotopoulos
Colin Penty
Jeremy Kersey
Daina Klassen
Stephen O 'Grady
Steve Mele
Bob Peet
Robert Sculnick
Aryan Hanbeck

Texture Artists:
Jeff Solway
Hani Abu-Ghazaleh

Front End Artist:
Shamus Horak

Special Effects Artist: Kent Wilson

NIS Artists:
Jonathan Moyes
Pablo Greenham
Shawn Walsh

Additional Programming:
Stephen Lambie
Scott Andrews
Alex Phu
Jason Chen
Richard Hawkes

Technical Tester: Sean Megaw

Game Testers:

Lead Tester: Andrew Barker

Christopher Nash
Matt Alk ana
Stephen Huang
Colin O ' Connell
Ryan Blazecka
Mike Hovan

Sound Director: Marc Baril

Sound Design:
Adam Gejdos
Marc Baril

Music: Allan Levy

Additional Music:
Marc Baril
Adam Gejdos

Music Mastering:
Marc L'Esperance

Voice casting and Direction:
Pete Low
Justin Sheffield
Stephen Van Der Mesch!

Script: Justin Sheffield

Special thanks to:
Wolfgang Hamann
Shawn Knapp
Marty Hamann
Dave Roberts at MOTU

Pure 3D

Katrina Archer
Amit Bakshi
Devon Black
Nigel Brooke
Ian Gipson
Eric Honsch
Mark James
Senta Kaiser
Alex Kew
Aaron Koenig
Richard O 'Grady
Mike Perzel
Jodi Tilley
Neall Verheyde
Kevin Voon
Liberty Walker
Hongzhi Wang

Research and Development Group:
Dave Forsey
Dave Knott
Martin Courchesne

Foundation Tools and Technology:
Wolfgang Hamann
Donnie Gosset
Tim Hinds
Peter Mielcarski
James Tan
Brad Reimer

Global Art:
Tony Da Roza
Collin Lorimer
Dallas Bolton
Simon Paul
Ting Ting Chen
Jon Vandermeer

Technical Artists:
Fernando Medrano
Gurdarshan {Novy) Dhillon


Geoff Richardson
Chris Byron

VP of Production: Jeffrey Kearney

VP of Technology: Tim Bennison

Global Creative Director:
Stephen Van Der Mescht

Technical Advisor: Bert Sandie

QA Director: Lester Li


VP of Production Development:
Mike Rubinelli

Executive Producer: Jim Flaharty

Producer: Sean Dunn

Assistant Producer: Sean C. Heffron

Director of Quality Assurance:
Jeremy S. Barnes

Lead Tester: Jason Garwood

Senior Tester: Kevin Klowden

Matthew DePackh
Mike Topper
Brandon Romero
Clark Wyatt
Mark Aviles
Jonathan Katz
Walter Cortes
Amin Razi
Chaille Stidham
Jay Cardellio
Keith Michaelis

Vice President of Marketing: Peter Dille

Group Marketing Manager:
Craig Rechenmacher

Product Manager: Laura Naviaux

Marketing Coordinator: Devin Knudsen

Director of Public Relations: Liz Pieri

Media Relations Manager: Reilly Brennan

Associate Manager of Media Relations:
Kendall Boyd

Director of Creative Services:
Howard Liebeskind

Associate Manager of Creative Services:
Melissa Roth
Kirk Somdal

Special Thanks
Wayne Robins, Sonar Productions
Radical Entertainment Art Team
G&M Plumbing
Nokia Corporation
Propaganda Entertainment Marketing