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In addition to games mentioned elsewhere in this issue, the following products have been received by CGW. Some of these products will receive more detailed attention in future issues. Readers wishing to review any of these games should contact CGW.

Automated Simulations/Epyx
1043 Kiel Court
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

ALIEN GARDEN: A ROM Cartridge game for the ATARI 400/800 computer. In AG you guide your “Cosmic Critter” (it looks like something out of a Dr. Suess book) around a crystal garden. The “flowers” can grow, transform. or explode depending upon how you touch them with your critter. Although AG looks like an arcade game, it is actually a game of strategy. Your goal is to gain points by creating a multi-generation garden and eating your creation. Flowers begin the game in their first-generation form and can be transformed into 20+ generations. The more generations, the higher your score when you eat flowers. Atari 400/800.

FORE!: A hi-res golf game which has two courses, a driving range, and practice field. Wind direction and terrain affect shots. FORE! along with HI-RES COMPUTER GOLF (Avant-Garde) are the two most popular golf games for the Apple computer. In comparing them we found both to be good games (in different ways). HRCG requires hand-eye coordinated swings which is much more challenging than simply hitting a key to make your stroke. Some garners like this extra dimension. On the other hand, HRCG can be frustrating if you do not like the hand-eye sequence and/or want a relaxing beer-and-pretzel type game. HRCG is more for the involved golfer and requires several rounds of play to “master”. FORE! is more easily “mastered” and can be played with relative skill by newcomers. We liked them both. Both run on the Apple (keyboard play) and retail for $29.95.

ESCAPE FROM VULCAN’S ISLE, CRYPT OF THE UNDEAD and KING ARTHUR’S HEIR: Here are three games based on a common system. Using the Atari joystick you make your way around finding treasure, food, and other important items. All three of these adventure games involve travel through a variety of regions to accomplish your task. In ESCAPE Your task is to escape Vulcan’s Isle. In CRYPT you try to escape from a cemetery. In KING ARTHUR you must return to Camelot. As will all Automated Simulation games, the rule books are well done. The games themselves will appeal to those who enjoy adventure games. Atari 400/800.

Avant-Garde Creations
P.O. Box 30160
Eugene. OR 97403

DEATH RACE ‘82: A hi-res arcade game in which you attempt to drive your turbocar through a series of 10 concrete road mazes. You attempt to outmaneuver and/or outgun killer robots in Death Squad cars. Your weaponry includes a rear firing bazooka and an oil slick thrower. The killer cars have forward firing lasers. This game is somewhat unusual in that you steer your car by hitting the paddle buttons (0 for counterclockwise turns, 1 for clockwise turns). Apple II. $29.95.

FEDERATION: A “Defender” type game in which you are to wipe out defending forces on the enemy planet. You can fire lasers at enemy ships and drop bombs on planetary batteries. The screen scrolls left and right in this game which is played by keyboard. The movement of your ship is different than one might expect from a Defender type game. It is difficult to describe. Try playing the game before you buy if possible. Apple II. $29.95.

ZERO GRAVITY PINBALL: A pinball game without the effects of gravity. Rather than the traditional rectangular field in which the ball enters from the top and you try to overcome gravity through the use of flippers, ZGP is played on a square field and you attempt to keep the ball from flying out into space. Ten flippers guard the right and left exits of the playing field. Two force fields (keyboard activated) protect the upper and lower exits. As a game, ZGP is considerably different than other Apple pinball games. Apple II. $29.95.

Cavalier Computer
P.O. Box 2032
Del Mar, CA 92014

TELEPORT: A hi-res arcade game which can make use of a Votrax speech synthesizer. Without the synthesizer you hear music while you are playing. Teleport is basically a maze-chase game without the maze. That is, movement is allowed in the four cardinal directions as you make your way around trying to stun aliens without being run into by them. Once you stun an alien you must transport it through the infinity door (to its own dimension). Apple II.

9748 Cozycroft Ave.
Chatsworth. CA 9131 1

Three books that in reality are one. Ed Faulk, the author, has written an introductory book on programming and issued it in three forms, Apple, IBM pc, and TRS-80. Faulk takes you through planning, designing, coding, testing, and documenting your program idea. $14.95 each.

MONEY MUNCHERS: A maze-chase game by Bob Biship in which you try to grap money found throughout the maze. You compete against money munchers who not only wish to grab the money for themselves, but also can eliminate you if they catch you. At higher levels spiders and snakes also hinder you. Apple II. $29.95.

MARS CARS: In MC you attempt to make your way through 16 levels to the center of the planet Mars. Each level contains treasures which you must collect while avoiding the Mars Cars. The Mars Cars look like aliens and you. the actual alien, look like a car. You can crash through the barriers as you make your way through each level. The Mars Cars get more intelligent on each level as they guard their treasures and seek to eliminate you. Apple II. $29.95.

THAROLIAN TUNNELS: This game, bought by Datamost from The Software Farm. places the players in the role of an invading spaceship pilot. The game is broken up into four distinct parts: Combat with defenders above the planet; Maneuvering through tunnels (avoiding the walls); Combat with enemy ships in a large underground tunnel; and Navigating through lasers into a docking compartment. Apple II. $29.95.

Hayden Software
50 Essex St.
Rochelle Park, NJ 07662

KAMIKAZE: An arcade game in which you use a game paddle to maneuver your ship back and forth firing at enemy bombers. From time to time, one of the planes will attempt to kamikaze onto you. Mines also appear from time to time and must be avoided. The best thing that can be said about Kamikaze is that you can win up to $5000 playing the game! Details for the CONTEST can be found in the game package. Entry deadline is January 15. 1983. Apple II. $34.95.

KLONDIKE 2000: The Martian Gold Rush Game. In Klondike 2000, you attempt to mine gold in the mines of Mars. (Wouldn’t it be funny if a Mars car came along in the middle of your mining?) Robots guard the gold but you can win the robots to your side by feeding them crystal chips. The player who gains the allegiance of the most robots will harvest the most gold and win the game. Solo play is possible, but the game is really a multiplayer game for up to four players. Apple II. $24.95.

SHUTTLE INTERCEPT: A Defender type game in which you pilot a space shuttle and try to intercept and capture earth satellites with your space hook. You are hindered by meteors and a variety of alien spacecraft. Apple II. $34.95.

FINAL CONFLICT: A game of warfare between robot armies. Each side programs robots and then sends them out onto the battlefield. The game can be fast and tactical or thought-out and strategic. You can choose from a variety of terrain maps or semi-design your own battlefield. Can be played by two players or one player versus the computer. Designed by Tom Cleaver (GALAXY, Avalon Hill). Apple II. $34.95.

KING CRIBBAGE: KC is a computerized version of the old English Card Game. KC allows you to play six-card cribbage against your Apple computer. All rules of tournament cribbage are followed. There is a special beginners option which provides a simpler game. Apple II. $24.95.

STAR TRADERS: A multi-player game of intergalactic profiteering. You compete other players to earn the largest profits from interstellar trading. The game can be played by from two to four players, each with one to three ships. The game alows multiple strategies and would be sure to make an good evening’s gaming for several friends. Apple II. $19.95.

Muse Software
347 North Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

FRAZZLE: A space arcade game in which you control a ship that drops Energy Probes to eliminate enemy vessels. You must avoid contact with the impenetrable force field while avoiding the ships. Frazzle looks like an Asteroids type game when first seen on the screen, but is much different. The game has a “flavor” all its own. Apple II.

KNOW YOUR APPLE: This product, packaged in an Apple II shaped box, introduces the Apple II to the beginning computerist. Separate programs (accessed from the main menu) teach the beginner basic information about the monitor. keyboard, disk drive, ROM, RAM, 6502 processor, etc. Although it is too elementary for someone who has been working with his Apple for any length of time, it is a program that can be valuable to the beginner when he first sets up his system. It is a nice showcase program as well. Apple II.

The Software Farm
3901 So. Elkart
Aurora, CO 80014

MONSTER MASH: An arcade game in which you attempt to keep monsters in a graveyard and mash them with headstones (no kidding!). By manipulating gates and headstones you seek to destroy monsters and protect visitors. The first level is very simple. Other levels increase difficulty (especially if you use the independent control option). If possible, play it before you buy. Apple II. $29.95.

Piccadilly Software
89 Summit Ave.
Summit, NJ 07901

WARP DESTROYER: A well-designed game of space combat that utilizes a number of screens and tasks. If you successfully make it through the hyperspace sequence you are faced with a series of planetary defenses (mines, fighters, probots, enemy base). If you destroy them all you go on to the next enemy planet and begin again. The screen scrolls left and right as you look out from your cockpit. A nice 3-D effect is achieved with your shots receding in the distance and enemy shots growing larger as they approach. Apple II.

Synapse Software
5327 Jacuzzi St., Suite I
Richmond. CA 94804

PICNIC PARANOIA: An arcade game for the Atari. A variety of insects attempt to ruin George’s picnic. You control George as he swats ants,. spiders, and wasps. The ants attempt to cart off your food. The wasps attempt to sting you, and the spiders bite and spin webs. While swatting insects you will also be attempting to move food items back onto the tables (you’ve killed the ants that were about to get away with the food). Points are awarded at the end of each round for food still left on the table or only slightly moved (i.e.. on the grass but not out of sight. Atari 16K (disk or tape) $34.95

PROTECTOR II: An improved version of Synapse’s PROTECTOR. A Defender type game in which you must rescue the populace (the volcano is about to erupt) and move to a safe place. Then you can assault the enemy base. The new version allows you to pass in front of buildings and them shoot while carrying people to safety. Other improvements as well. Atari 32K (disk and tape) $34.95.

CLAIM JUMPER: A nice two-player interactive game (solo play is possible). Set in the gold rush days, your task is to pick-up gold and take it to the Assay office: collect your money and deposit it in your bank. Unfortunately your opponent can and will try to steal your gold, or shoot you, or both. Atari 16K (disk or tape). $34.95.

Atari Version
Apple Version

Sierra On-Line, Inc.
36575 Mudge Ranch Road
Coarsegold, CA 93614

FROGGER: Sierra On-Line-produces The Official Frogger by Sega®. Both are good reproductions of the coin-op game in which a frog attempts to cross a busy highway, a dangerous river, and arrive safely on the other side. When you compare the ATARI version and the APPLE version it is apparent how much better the Atari computer system is for sound and graphics. The Atari version is just like the coin-op game in sight and sound. The Apple version plays like the coin-op game, but its graphics and sound are inferior due to the limitations of the machine. The Atari version (on disk) requires 32K. It also comes on tape. The Apple version requires 48K. $34.95.

Strategic Simulations
465 Fairchild Dr., Suite 108
Mountain View, CA 94043

The Atari Version

BATTLE FOR NORMANDY: Designed by Tactical Design Group (Battle of Shiloh. Tigers In The Snow) BFN covers the D-Day invasions. SSI is releasing this one simultaneously for the Apple, Atari and TRS-80 (disk and tape versions available. $39.95.

S.E.U.I.S.: Shoot ‘Em Up In Space is called “A Spacegamer’s Toolkit.” You build ships from a choice of six prototypes. S.E.U.I.S., by John Lyon, bears some resemblance to John’s popular SHATTERED ALLIANCE game. A strategic game sequence creates the individual battles that are fought by your created squadrons. Actual battles are fought in arcade type action. Apple II. $39.95.

THE COSMIC BALANCE: A tactical space combat game by Paul Murray that is similar but much better than his popular THE WARP FACTOR. TAB allows you to construct your own ships. A strategic-level version of TCB will be released at a later date. Using both games, you will be able to set up complex campaign games with two or more players. Apple II. $39.95.

Dynacomp. Inc.
1427 Monroe Ave.
Rochester. NY 14618

VALLEY OF THE KINGS: A graphic adventure game for the Atari. Actually three adventures in one: you must successfully complete each of three different passages to win. Along the way you seek treasures, keys, weapons, etc. Atari 48K. $29.95.

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