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Taito Legends 2

Included Titles

Alpine Ski (coin-op emulation), Arabian Magic (coin-op emulation), Bonze Adventure (coin-op emulation), Bubble Symphony (coin-op emulation), Cadash (coin-op emulation), Cameltry (coin-op emulation), Chack'n Pop (coin-op emulation), Cleopatra Fortune (coin-op emulation), Crazy Balloon (coin-op emulation), Darius Gaiden (coin-op emulation), Don Doko Don (coin-op emulation), Dungeon Magic (coin-op emulation), Elevator Action Returns (coin-op emulation), The Fairyland Story (coin-op emulation), Football Champ (coin-op emulation), Front Line (coin-op emulation), Gekirindan (coin-op emulation), Grid Seeker: Project Storm Hammer (coin-op emulation), Growl (coin-op emulation), Gun Frontier (coin-op emulation), Insector X (coin-op emulation), KiKi KaiKai (coin-op emulation), Kuri Kinton (coin-op emulation), The Legend of Kage (coin-op emulation), Liquid Kids (coin-op emulation), Lunar Rescue (coin-op emulation), Metal Black (coin-op emulation), Nastar Warrior (coin-op emulation), Pop'n Pop (coin-op emulation), Puchi Carat (coin-op emulation), Puzzle Bobble 2 (coin-op emulation), Qix (coin-op emulation), Raimais (coin-op emulation), RayForce (coin-op emulation), Space Invaders '95 (coin-op emulation), Space Invaders DX (coin-op emulation), Super Space Invaders '91 (coin-op emulation), Violence Fight (coin-op emulation), Wild Western (coin-op emulation)

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Wikipedia Date: 3/31/2006
GameRankings Date: 3/31/2006
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