Defiance 2050 Guide

Weapon Skins

Weapon Skins can be used to modify the appearance on the base weapons in Defiance 2050. Skins are specific to Weapon Groups so, for example, a Soleptor Detonator skin will work on either a Particle Lobber or Thumper. This applies to Weapon Variants as well, so Frigid Particle Lobbers and Devouring Thumpers have access to the same skins.

Weapon Skins are a premium item, meaning for the most part they are acquired by spending Bits in the Defiance Store. There are exceptions including the reward for completing the Crusader’s mission line and using Synthetic Genesis Technologies Rep and their Vendor. Most Weapon Skin acquisition is random, like Synergy Crystals. In this case duplicates are turned into Shards which can be used at the Shard Exchange to acquire specific skins.

The following list isn’t necessarily complete as it was built from skins in my personal inventory and the knowledge of the skins introduced with the Voidrunner Pack. As I’m made aware of additional skins they will be added to these pages.

Weapon Group Skins

Alternatively you can browse the skins by the weapons they can be applied to.


This page has been updated since the following text was posted. I found one of my accounts had some Bits so I bought as many skins as I could and was able to expand the number of images while also adding five additional skin types. After some additional testing I found “Standard” to not be the default skin, but something similar and universal across weapon classes so the comments below about making my own versions of “Standard” no longer applies. I thought it was useful to have a reference to the original skins on the weapons so I invented my own type, “Default”, which is always the first skin displayed. I am creating these from the “Enhance” page renders and lining them up with the skin screenshots. Ultimately I want to provide a before/after slider so you can compare skins right on the site in addition to the gallery view.

One last note before returning to the previous text is the fact that the “Barn Buster” does not preview in the game. I tested this in a variety of PC resolutions as well as on the PS4 and Xbox One. Because of this any skin meant to modify “Top Notch Rocket Launcher” will be empty. You can see how “Standard” renders below.

Original Notes

This portion of the Guide covers Weapon Skins available in Defiance 2050. As I do not have many available this list was constructed from the Shard Exchange and the skins I do have. There are a number of wording issues in the naming conventions: “Guided RL” for Soleptor and Top-Notch (which is spelled without the hyphen in the only instance I can recall throughout the game) versus “Lock-On RL” for VBI, I’ve standardized on “Guided RL”; “Combat Shotgun” for some, just “Shotgun” for others, standardized on “Combat Shotgun” to match the other shotgun types; missplaced “Dark” from “Dark Aurum” such as “VBI Dark Assault Rifle Aurum”, standardized as a suffix.

The “Standard” skin I wasn’t expecting, I figured there was a mechanic for removing a skin. I had two, “Soleptor Pump Shotgun” and “Top Notch LMG”, which I used for those images. As a temporary measure I have created “Standard” for the others using my captured images from the “Enhance” screen. As the SMG had slightly different coloring in places, I’m chalking this up to my desire to capture everything in 4K on PC. Or extract the models and textures and render them in a modeler and offer an online model viewer. Ah, the ambition!