This is mostly a holding page for the eventual full coverage of Packs.

Black Market Operative Pack

Get the Street Samurai outfit and headgear, RM Nomad V6 - Black Market Operative, and Black Market Operative title for all of your characters.

Bucket Knight Costume Pack

Class Founder’s Pack

Crusader Class Pack

Demolitionist Class Pack

Demolitionist Founder’s Pack

Engineer Class Pack

Get ready to manufacture some pain! The Engineer Class has come to Defiance 2050!

Frostbringer Pack

Passionate Pack

Shrill Hunter Pack

Get the Shrill Hunter outfit and headgear, TMW Hannibal 800R - Shrill Seeker, and Shrill hunter title for all of your characters.

Starter Class Pack

Paradise is waiting: continue the fight in Defiance 2050!

Ultimate Class Pack

Become the ultimate Ark Hunter.

Ultimate Founder’s Pack

Voidrunner Pack